First Meetup at Skainos

First Meetup at Skainos

First Meetup at Skainos

Our First Meetup is on 27 November in the meeting room at Refresh Cafe, Skainos, Belfast.

The loose agenda includes:

  • Introducing you to our idea
  • Finding out what you want

All those who are already involved in coworking in NI, want to find out more, or contribute to the design of a new community and space, are welcome to attend.

Register to attend.

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Dawn Baird

Community Curator at WabiSabi
Dawn is a Partner in Sensei, the parent business of the WabiSabi project. She is keen to gather a tight collection of crazy, creative and generous individuals, freelancers and small business owners to the WabiSabi community. She can be bribed with a caramel square and an Earl Grey.
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