WabiSabi is about The Pursuit of Happyness at Work.

Working from home is lonely. Loneliness leads to isolation, which lessens confidence. In turn this dulls productivity and ultimately lowers sales.

WabiSabi is a community of entrepreneurial types based in Northern Ireland. We’d initially designing a new coworking space, but ultimately decided not to open. We hope to use this blog and online community to cultivate an atmosphere in which entrepreneurship, focus, connections, learning, serendipity, events and creativity can thrive.

The community is intended to support the positive mental health of its members.

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What is Coworking?

Coworking is a new way of working whereby independent professionals from many disciplines, companies or other organisations form a community and work alongside one another in one space. Read more

Coworking Days

As part of our research, and in order to curate a community, we’re running a series of Coworking Days to enable you to experience coworking.

What Does WabiSabi Mean?

WabiSabi is a Japanese concept concerned with finding beauty in what is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is founded on a quirky tea ceremony that deliberately uses cherished bowls that are handmade, irregular, uneven, and even cracked. Read more about WabiSabi and its meaning.

For us, WabiSabi is a perfect metaphor for what we believe about the concept of a coworking community:

  • When imperfect objects are brought together (us!), something superb can result from the arrangement
  • While our contact with the community is irregular, it can still prove profitable and become a catalyst for innovation
  • We celebrate the fact that the ideal mix is always incomplete, awaiting fresh personalities and perspectives
  • We embrace the opposite of what is extravagant or corporate, preferring the simple and the personal
  • We believe “interesting” beats merely “pretty”
  • Everything is better over a cup of tea!

View a list of coworking communities and spaces in Northern Ireland.