WabiSabi is a busy, creative, coworking community of entrepreneurial types based in Northern Ireland. Our very first meetup was in November 2014. See who’s who.

Diversity of Industries

Our community includes everyone from Accountants and Artists to Translators and Virtual Assistants.

The Giant Coworking Survey continues to reveal what you want: a mixture of industries and professionals. The only thing that’s missing is you!

Diversity of Nationalities

Our community is all the richer for having members who hail from across the world – so far America, Italy, South Africa and even as far afield as England! You provide us with a new perspective, challenge us to think differently, and we will eventually get you to speak Norn Iron like a local! We need you!

Diversity of Ages

Our community is made up of people from all age-groups, and we love that! We love to challenge outdated stereotyping, and we’re particularly interested to connect with those who’ve adopted entrepreneurship as a second career, and those who’re learning as they go. Do you know someone like that?

Diversity of Personalities

Since coworking spaces tend to be very open-plan in style, we are regularly asked whether we’d cater for introverts (and others whowant more privacy and control over noise when working, and less visual and sound stimulation). Yes! See our Space page for details.

Together, we make up a helpful, positive, future-oriented, generous, experienced, prosperous, well-connected and well-travelled bunch. Want to get involved? Complete our Giant Coworking Survey.