Autumn Coworking Day at Bleary Business and Community Centre, Craigavon

Autumn Coworking Day at Bleary Business and Community Centre, Craigavon

Autumn Coworking Day at Bleary Business and Community Centre, Craigavon

Working from home is lonely, right?

What the Problem?

Yes, we know, you don’t want or need company all the time. But, if you work from home, or from the car, or from a small office or studio with just you and the Batman/Inspirational/Klimt (*delete as appropriate) poster on the wall, it can get a little claustrophobic/quiet/square eyes.

And, another thing. If you’re a small to medium enterprise here in NI, there’s often no-one to ask when you need a quick – or indeed in-depth – answer to a question. Either there’s only one of you in your department, or only one of you in the business!

Working on Your Own Stuff, But With Company

We have (part of) the solution – a day to meet other local business people and work together. (The rest of the solution involves getting out to other regular learning, networking and events, as well as challenging yourself to find new business people, places and things to explore that are way outside your industry, experience and comfort zone.)

If you want to contribute to the design of our community and eventual space, please complete our survey.

What Happens at WabiSabi Coworking Days?

Our community gets together as regularly as our other work (Sensei) will allow for the following:

  • Great food – where possible, we try to support local food producers and they are amazing!
  • Meeting with our amazing, creative, generous, artistic, productive, talented, supportive, funny WabiSabi community (there is not a single question you could not ask, but someone will be able to get you an answer!) for networking and coworking.
  • Sometimes, we have mini-seminars (30 mins) during our coworking days. In November, we’ll have two optional sessions: Mental Health for Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing for SMEs.
  • Problem-solving is central to our coworking days. We will ask all attendees to write down a question or challenge, then anyone who’s interested can pick it up and have a chat with the person to help solve it at some point during the day.
  • Varied, new locations – we love to try out new locations, and have coworked in a warehouse,  a bookshop, a music venues, multiple coffee shops, other coworking spaces, an artist collective, a makerspace and at the seaside! View photographs of previous events on our WabiSabi Facebook page.

Bleary Business and Community Centre, Craigavon

On 09 November, we’re running another Coworking Day with Bleary Business and Community Centre.

Key facts:

  • Bleary is building a business community too, so they’re keen to meet local business people and entrepreneurs who want a central space to work, meet, learn and build their business.
  • Bleary is a word that’s related to local townland names (Gaelic: Bladhraigh) from the frickin’ seventeenth century, meaning “flowery land” – how very cool is that, history buffs?!
  • BBCC, Craigavon is located on the site of the old Bleary Primary School, just across the road from the new one
  • Their desks, meeting rooms and kitchen are all for hire
  • Ballydougan Pottery – and its lovely cafe – is just 2 minutes away. In the interests of taking our job of researching local amenities seriously, we can report that it’s giant fry and homemade soup and wheaten bread are all superb. 🙂
  • BBCC is providing locally-sourced food on the day. Yay!
  • Get in touch with Catherine McNeill on 028 3831 2433 for information on Bleary Business nad Community Centre, Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council’s shared workspace, offices, meeting rooms, events and business services

Join us on 09 November in Craigavon


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2 thoughts on “Autumn Coworking Day at Bleary Business and Community Centre, Craigavon

  1. Jonjo Power

    Really got a lot to focus on from today’s gathering. A great idea to meet in that sort of forum and would be up to getting involved in a Business Networking group. Thanks to Allen and Dawn, superb idea.

  2. Dawn Baird Post author

    Oh! How’d we miss this comment?! Thank-you Jonjo. We loved having you and your enthusiastic approach to business at our coworking day, and look forward to meeting you again at an upcoming event. 🙂

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