Coworking Day Bleary, Craigavon – Creativity Theme

Coworking Day Bleary, Craigavon – Creativity Theme

Coworking Day Bleary, Craigavon – Creativity Theme

Are you a creative person? A creative business owner? Does creativity operate in your working environment?

Creativity Myths and Truths

“Artists are creative, for sure. Probably poets and playwrights too. Possibly architects and high-level chefs. But not me. I’m only a business owner.”

WRONG! All jobs require innovative problem-solving in some way.

“Yea, creative people just lie about all day, either in communes or in tortured isolation. They don’t work to schedules. They don’t need to plan ahead. They just create when the muse takes them.”

WRONG! Creativity is a deliberate choice in set situations that can be learned and practised.

“I don’t think creative people have a method to their madness. Inspiration just takes hold of them. And then they feel compelled to work for hours and hours at a time without eating or sleeping.”

WRONG! There are tools and techniques that allow anyone to harness creative forces.

“Anyway, I don’t have the time or the need to be creative in my work. I’m just trying to make money, provide a service, and get my produce out there, on budget and on time.”

WRONG! What makes your work different from some something an automated algorithm could produce is the creativity you bring to it.

Creativity is Misunderstood

Creativity is such a misunderstood and yet exciting topic, we think it is a perfect theme for our next joint Coworking Day at Bleary Business and Community Centre. There, you’ll experience creative coworking and hear from a few speakers how creativity can help your business. The call for speakers is still open for this event! (Update: now closed.)

If you’d like a little creative reading before our Coworking Day, read this article on What is Creativity? or our previous blog post, You’re Creative If You Make It Happen.

Read More and Register

Read more about the event, submit a pitch and register to attend.

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