Creativity, Coworking and Craigavon

Creativity, Coworking and Craigavon

Creativity, Coworking and Craigavon

On the 22 March we will enjoy the second collaboratative effort between WabiSabi and Bleary Business and Community Center, Craigavon. Like the first, it will take the form of a Coworking Day, run for the benefit of local business and interested entrepreneurs.

Coworking is still a novel concept to Northern Ireland, and is often confused with shared offices or hot-desking. Both are about renting office space; coworking is about a mutually supportive community. Big difference.

Learning Sessions on Creativity

Speaking of which, we’ve made a small difference to our WabiSabi Coworking Days that are proving a big hit. The inclusion of two, short talks in the day, around a common theme, have helped us focus our questions, mutual problem-solving and conversations.

  • On 22 Feb our Coworking Day theme was sales, and we enjoyed two excellent talks from Christine Hammond from CJH Training and Moira Ní Ghallachóir from MNG.
  • On 22 March, creativity is the theme. Speakers this time are Yvonne Smyth from Flourish nad Marianne Kennerley from B00m! Studios.

Submit a Pitch

We want anyone interested in speaking at out Bleary event to submit a speaking pitch on the subject of creativity, particular how to be creative at work. (This has now closed.)

We want to make it clear that by ‘creative’ we DO NOT only include those in the so-called creative industries or who consider themselves artists and makers. There are many myths about creativity, and we define creatives as “those who make things happen“!


Please find out more about the day and book by clicking here. You’ll find out what to expect at one of our Coworking Days, logical issues and the location of the next one.

Get out of the home or usual office and find somewhere new to work for the day. Join us!

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