Crowdfunding Campaign Begins Very Soon!

Crowdfunding Campaign Begins Very Soon!

Crowdfunding Campaign Begins Very Soon!

We’ve reached the funding stage. In the spirit of transparency – an approach we adopted early on – we want to keep you informed about what’s happening, and what donations may be used for.

The Back Story

We first met as a fledgling community in November 2014 to discuss the concept of coworking, and whether Belfast needs another community and space for creative, entrepreneurial professionals.

Since then, we’ve run regular coworking days, to enable interested entrepreneurs to experience coworking for themselves (in contrast to working from home or on the road) and to gather intelligence (yes, we watch way too many spy movies!) on what the community wants.

Now that we’ve experimented, it’s time to get a space for the WabiSabi community.

The Crowdfunding Campaign & Rewards

For those unfamiliar with crowdfunding campaigns, they are a way for startups to raise some of the funds required to get their idea off the ground. Typically, this focuses on an existing community of interested parties and others who hear about it.

  • The Crowdfunding Campaign will open up WabiSabi community membership with large reductions for entrepreneurs and business professionals of all types – previous contact with our community is not required 🙂
  • For those who simply want to support us, but are not necessarily interested in joining the WabiSabi community, there will be other options (such as coaching and training packages, based on our expertise as adult educators, coaches and trainers with Sensei, our parent business)
  • Other rewards will take the form of one-time opportunities to leave your mark, long-time opportunities to promote your business in the space… or party!

What Donations Will Be Used For

Your donations – backed up by great deals and rewards – will help us to:

  • Raise funds to secure a lease on a property in Belfast for one year (rent/rates)
  • Design working environments that will make WabiSabi a unique place to work and meet (catering for those who need quiet and visual stillness to work, those who prefer a buzzy, open space, and for those who need to meet clients in confidence)
  • Continue to expand our reach, to encourage international and local visitors, so that WabiSabi becomes the eclectic mix of people, nationalities, ages and industries we envisage
  • Buy furniture and pay for design and decor services

The Future Story

  • We’re negotiating the lease with the landlord.
  • Membership will be opened to those who did not take it up via the Crowdfunding Campaign.
  • Then, we work on the design of the space with builders, carpenters and interior design specialists.
  • The plan is to open in September 2016.

Once our campaign is launched, you’ll be the first to know!

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