Exploring a Coworking Space in Newcastle

Exploring a Coworking Space in Newcastle

Exploring a Coworking Space in Newcastle

County Down in Northern Ireland has much to offer for those who’re keen forest or hillwalkers or anyone who simply wants to do a foodie roadtrip interspersed with gentler beachy walks.

It’s more difficult, though, to find a central space for entrepreneurs to gather. In Newcastle, there have already been some coworking communities already:

  • Synergy Studios is a contemporary artists’ collective, gallery and shop which is undergoing an evolution right now.
  • There also used to be a shared office space, but it’s no longer advertised online.

New Coworking Community & Space in Newcastle

Martin Gilchrist is the brainchild behind this latest venture. An accountant from Belfast, he’s keen to establish a space in one of his favourite places, to enable entrepreneurs and business owners like him and his wife Michelle to gather, work and grow.

For now, it’s an idea, a proposal, a series of conversations. Martin has even gone as far as to explore venues.

How Can I Get Involved?

A modest fundraiser has been started, to help get things rolling.

We need help with funding for the lease and fitting out the office. This would include painting, carpets, kitchen, toilets, electrics, Superfast Broad Band, tables, chairs, bookcases and locking cabinets.

Martin Gilchrist, Workshore

Please consider contributing to this latest venture started by our friends Martin and Michelle for Newcastle, Co Down.

You can follow progress on WorkShore Coworking Space, Newcastle, Co Down on LinkedIn.

Find Out More About Coworking Spaces in Northern Ireland

If you’d like to find out what other coworking communities, spaces and shared offices are available in NI, check out our Coworking Spaces in Northern Ireland list. If we’ve missed a place, please let us know.

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

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