Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

A few months ago, I gingerly approached another coworking space committee in Northern Ireland asking if we could book their space to use for one of our coworking events. I thought there was a small possibility they may be uncomfortable, considering we’re using the coworking events to do two three things: provide people with an experience of coworking, research what people want by way of a communtity and space and raise the local awareness of coworking as a concept. During my email conversations with various members of the management committee, one person said this.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

My first thought was: how very cool. Then I repeated the response to anyone who would listen. Then I looked it up. Ever-fascinated with the evolution of language, I’d rather hoped that casa meant castle. It’s not; that would be castillo. It’s still cool.

The purveyor of this simple, friendly wisdom? Andrew Bolster, an experienced coworking provider from Farset Labs.

Nosotros (Us)
  • Our coworking day produced a great result for Farset Labs, since it raised their profile.
  • For attendees, it introduced them to an operational coworking space.
  • For us, it let us see the attendees’ reaction to certain features, provisions, costs and vibes.

More than that though, it underscored for us that building a community involves much more than potential users. It includes: current communities and spaces, their owners, management committees and members and other enthusiasts wherever they may be found. We’re trying to get to know all theses people, whether in Austin, Texas or Cork and Newry.

As we discover more of the wider coworking community, we’ll share their online location through our Facebook page, Twitter profile and lists, or here on the blog. Join in. Tell us who’s out there, and what they’re up to.

By the way, for any fellow word, language and accent enthusiasts, the proununciation: me kah-suh ehs sue kah-suh.

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