Office Space in Northern Ireland

Office Space in Northern Ireland

Office Space in Northern Ireland

Yes, we offer office space, but that’s the sideshow. ;P

The real act is the WabiSabi community. The people. You. Your mates. Your colleagues. Your neighbours. Your suppliers. Your clients. Your team.

Sure, the space is important. But as our online research, hanging out on forums and chats, conversations, meetup and survey has revealed to date, you really do not give a flying fig about the space.

What Do People Want From a Coworking Space? 

Yes, you want a clean, tidy, professional space where you can bring clients for meetings, a desk or office, a little privacy and quiet when you need it, company and chat when you prefer to socialize, and the basics such as a kitchen (or just a kettle will do, someone told us!), loos and a meeting room. But, you’ve not told us anything more pernickety than that. No requests for industrial chic, living-room squishiness or graffiti walls. Not a one.

A Clean Working Space

It’s quite funny that many of you have mentioned “clean”. We just assumed you’d assume it’d be a clean space. But, the recurring frequency of this word suggests to us that other place you’ve tried have not been clean, and that it’s a deal-breaker. Dawn is a hygiene freak, so we’re good. So, we’ll try our very best on that!

It’s More About the People Than the Space

We’ve been doing our homework. We know it’s not about the space; it’s about the people in the space.

  • With only one exception, everyone who’s spoken to us, chatted online or responded i the survey has mentioned that they want access to a carefully put-together, mixed community of creative professional types.
  • Everyone wants someone to either:
    • Bounce ideas of of (as the Amurricans owuld say)
    • Chat with over lunch
    • Ask for help when they’re stuck, or
    • Form partnerships with for projects or long-term client work
Join the Community

Guess what? We agree. The people are key. We’ve been gathering potential someones to join the community. Maybe you’re already part of our story? Do you need to go off and gather a few more of your contacts? Let them know what’s happening?

We’re listening. We’re listening a lot. Tell us more.

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