Property Search

Property Search

Property Search

We’re looking for a permanent property for the WabiSabi coworking community, and have looked at lots of potential coworking spaces.

We’re open to all suggestions:

  • underused pop-up space
  • space that needs a little work
  • an amazing, large house with multiple large, open spaces
  • commercial property to hire
  • commercial property to rent

What we want:

A space that can cater for – or be renovated – to include:

  • somewhere as unusual as possible, non-corporate
  • large windows/plenty of sunlight
  • open space
  • small offices
  • meeting/training/mini-conference rooms
  • a kitchen

We’ve Property Pal, Property News and a few other websites bookmarked for perusal. If you have spotted a likely property, get in touch.

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