Scratch Your Own Itch, They Said

Scratch Your Own Itch, They Said

Scratch Your Own Itch, They Said

Scratch Their Own Itch, They Said. It’s an adage quoted often by people who talk about business ideas.

What was the itch?

  • Was it that I’d nowhere to go apart from my home office?
    Was it that coffee shops, while amazing, were not suitable for any every meeting? Nor *any* tender writing marathon?
  • Was it that I missed the company of business friends, and often wondered how to recapture the buzz of BizCamps and other meetups and tweetups inbetween times?
  • Was it that I heard others telling me the same frustrating tale?

I’m not sure… maybe all of the above…

We’re Creating the Space

  1. We’re itching to get our costs completed. – Current 
  2. We’re itching to secure funding (suggestions are needed right now!). – Current
  3. We’re itching to get speaking to the landlords of the properties on our shortlist.
  4. We’re itching to meet builders and interior decorators particularly, but also other suppliers to help us get the space into shape. Contact us if you are one!
  5. We’re itching to provide dedicated working spaces with comfortable, adjustable desks and chairs and a great internet connection.
  6. We’re itching to buy some beautiful pieces to help inspire creativity and provide quiet, focused nooks and relaxing corners.
  7. We’re itching to have somewhere for the community to *be* whenever they want (8-6, or randomly).
  8. We’re itching for more opportunities for the community to come together. Find out about the next one: Coworking Saturday.
  9. We’re itching to meet someone who may be able to help us manage the community and the space. This may be one person, two people or two halves of two people. Interested? Contact us.
  10. We’re itching to have somewhere for the community to invite others to, for meetings, events or just coffee.
  11. We’re itching to get the place open!

What are you itching for? Tell us here.

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