WorkShore Coworking Day in Newcastle

WorkShore Coworking Day in Newcastle

WorkShore Coworking Day in Newcastle

Would you like to meet other business owners and professionals in the wider Newcastle area? Well, incase you’ve not heard, WorkShore is a new coworking community and space conceptualised by Martin and Michelle Gilchrist.

WorkShore Coworking Day in Newcastle on Tuesday 19th October

This time next week, Martin and Michelle are running a coworking day at Brunel’s Restaurant in Newcastle. It’s an opportunity to:

  • Meet and network with other business owners and professionals
  • Find out a little bit more about the facilities in Newcastle
  • Work quietly on your own, if you need to get something done (there will be both networking and quiet areas)
  • Hear the plans they have for WorkShore

If you’d like to make a day of it, you could:

  • Find a local cafe to grab brekkie or lunch (Brunel’s is not serving food on the day)
  • Squeeze in a bracing walk up the Mournes (easily accessible from the central town car park)
  • Enjoy a more sedate ice-cream along a windy October promenade
  • Treat yourself to a seaweed bath or a few hours in one of the luxurious spas the town has to offer
  • Get onto TripAdvisor and book a meal in one of the many local hotels or restaurants

Here is a quick update for anyone keen to follow the latest developments.

Join the WorkShore Co-Working Group on LinkedIn

If you’d like to read more about , including regular video updates, join WorkShore Co-Working – Facilitating Co-Working for Professionals on LinkedIn.

Support the Fundraiser

If you’d like to support the modest fundraiser to help kickstart a new coworking community and space in Newcastle, click Donate Now to read more.

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Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

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