We’re Pitching at Entrepreneurial Spark

We’re Pitching at Entrepreneurial Spark

We’re Pitching at Entrepreneurial Spark

Since November of last year, we’ve been curating a coworking community made up of an intriguing range of creative, productive people.

It’s now time to write a business plan, organise our finances and secure a property.

The first part of this process is already in place, cemented by our completion of the Let’s Get Started programme, led by the uncompromisingly straight-talking Melanie Fitzpatrick*, at Mallusk Enterprise Agency.

The next stage is to join an Accelerator – a very new thing for us – to see how the structured mentorship and learning events in the company of other entrepreneurs will help galvanise our efforts.

Our pitch is on Thursday 08 October. Wish us luck!

*Melanie, I love your no nonsense style! I especially loved your clear Yeses and Noes when asked multiple questions. This means we can all move forward with a clearer vision, myths busted and challenges set before us.

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Dawn Baird

Community Curator at WabiSabi
Dawn is a Partner in Sensei, the parent business of the WabiSabi project. She is keen to gather a tight collection of crazy, creative and generous individuals, freelancers and small business owners to the WabiSabi community. She can be bribed with a caramel square and an Earl Grey.
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