We initially set out to create a coworking space that was specifically designed to support the positive mental health of members. Why? Because 49% of entrepreneurs experience poor mental health (doubling the national average), a figure attributed to the often isolated nature of building and growing a business (particularly in NI, where 99% of all the broad sectors of the private sector are SMEs, and most of those are one-person businesses).

Right now, we’re not pursuing our plans to open a space.

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Choice and Control

When it comes to happiness at work, our work at Sensei has identified that it’s all down to choice and control. This is what you’ve told us you want from a coworking space.

  • Desks in an open space
  • Professional meeting rooms to bring clients and visitors
  • Nooks for when you need privacy, as well as booths for private calls
  • Flexible packages that will cater for varying budgets (book a desk/room from an 1 hour or on a monthly package).
  • Places to focus on getting work done
  • Space to cater for introverts and extroverts, and varying moods and tasks
  • Quiet places and places with less visual stimulation
  • Chill-out areas and areas in which to network or socialise
  • A kitchen
  • Small offices to hire monthly
  • Plenty of daylight

We hope to use this website to encourage other providers to cultivate an atmosphere in which entrepreneurship, opportunities, connections, growth, learning, serendipity, events and creativity can thrive.

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