WabiSabi is a Sensei venture. Sensei has been in business since 2006, helping individuals and organisations communicate better in person, on paper and online.

Working From Home

We’ve always worked from a very comfortable home office (or clients’ offices during projects). However, finding an office in town has been on the horizon for years, partly because the walls were  closing in on our  home office, but mainly because we wanted somewhere to meet and work with associates, freelancers, clients and interns. We didn’t find anything suitable. As it turned out, one of the biggest off-putting factors (aside from the dreary, corporate look on offer) was the realisation that a small office would always suffer from the same lack as a home office: other people.

The Coworking Phenomenon

Coworking Handbook

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We’d started to hear more about coworking spaces – and though they solved the main problem, we didn’t find one that met all our needs. We wanted a flexible, comfortable, inspiring space, one that catered for multiple personalities, moods, events and tasks.

We were going to have to create our own. We began reading all we could find on coworking. Ramon Suarez’s experience-driven handbook is the best we’ve read.

The Journey Begins

After talking about starting something for quite literally years, Allen was convinced that we should just start and publicise our progress (however slow) to invite comment and input.

Dawn’s Technical Writing background prompted the fuss-free project management methodology to adopt: The Agile Manifesto. That combined – with a healthy fascination obsession with The Growth Mindset and Langer’s Mindfulness principles – is what contributes to our approach to this venture, and indeed life in general.

We started a WabiSabi Facebooke page and WabiSabi Twitter account.

Coffee with The Accountant

Dawn met with our accountant – a coworking evangelist – in The Dark Horse, Belfast. He was of the same mind as Allen, just start and share the story along the way.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea!”.

First Meetup 27 Nov 2014

first_meetupWe booked a wee room corridor in Refresh Cafe, Skainos, and posted the event on Facebook. Fighting a perfectly-timed flu, Dawn introduced the fledgling community to our idea.


Coworking Days – Started 11 Feb 2015

Coworking DaysWe knew from talking to other coworking community and space owners that coworking as a concept was a complicated sell, requiring a definition at every turn. We loved the idea of allowing community members to feel coworking, allowing us to curate the community as we get on with the task of locating a suitable property.

Launching the WabiSabi concept at The MAC, Belfast in February 2015, we held our first Coworking Day – sponsored by Santander. We were delighted to also welcome – among curious coworking enthusiasts – other coworking community and space owner-managers, whose practical support and generosity of spirit has been truly staggering.

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Design Your Coworking Community, Space and Events

Add your voice to the design.


Depending on demand, we intend to secure a permanent property for our community, providing comfortable, flexible space (with meeting rooms, coworking space and small offices)  that will cater for varying personalities and working preferences.

View the properties we’re considering.